• ABBA is a global Merger and Acquisition firm, specializing in the small to middle market in Business Transactions.

  • ABBA assists these markets by acquiring comparable businesses which added together multiply the same or expand by adding additional resources needed to continue Future Strategic Growth.

  • ABBA also assist in bringing Investors together with qualifications to complete new transactions giving opportunities for continued expansions.

  • ABBA has over 300 professional broker advisors located worldwide as a member of IBBA. ABBA brings a strategic international buying community to these markets. 

  • ABBA and their professionals have worked with the business owners who are seeking merger or acquisition opportunities. We assist in all areas of stock or asset sales, expanding portfolio's and financial support avenues.

  • ABBA's goal is to release the general wealth and equity that is in every business through strategic merger and acquisition consulting servers.  Our highly talented consultants work with you throughout the process and provide the best service in the industry.